Gettin er Done at Home

Gettin er Done at Home

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How To Prevent Your Water Well From Freezing

I had recently written a blog on "How To Prevent and Fix Your Water Pipes From Freezing" as posted below. Addressing the serious needs of many throughout the United States who are currently suffering from the serious Arctic temperatures we have been experiencing this winter. In response I have received many inquires for "How To Keep A Water Well From Freezing." Not everyone has a municipal water supply. To the contrary, many have wells located several feet outside their homes. Especially in mountainous and  southern regions.

Typical Well Head
Well Head w Outside Pressure Tank

Typical Well Cross Section

Preventing damage to pipes from a frozen water well is one of the responsibilities of getting water from a well in lieu of from a municipal water provider.

  • Purchase an insulated well cover  ( Several types are available)

Insulated Fiberglass Cover w 4 x 4 Frame w Gravel
Simulated Rock Covers

Wood Shed Style Cover
 Lowe's and other major suppliers have a large selection of water well covers:                             Lowe's Water Well Covers

    •  Wrap heat tape every 1 to 1 1/2 inches around the supply pipe coming from the well. Then using pipe insulation wrap the pipe covering the heat tape.  Then using an exterior grade extension cord plug the heat tape into the nearest outside outlet. Make sure you purchase the better grade heat tape that has a built in thermostat to enure you do not waste electricity.

    • The most effective and old school trick to preventing you water well from freezing is to take a small desk lamp or hanging utility light, or simply a bulb socket with a corded end and 60 Watt light bulb and hang it in a plywood box or equivalent.  Using this box to cover the well. You can quickly make a wood box out of scrap lumber or via pre-cut plywood pieces sold at you local home center. Using drywall screws to secure all sides. Plug the light into an outdoor extension cord leading to to an outlet nearest the well. The simple heat from this bulb will ensure that the temperature of the water coming from the well to the pipes stays above freezing. Turn the light on when the temperatures are at there coldest.
    •  Wrap a thermal blanket around the pipes coming from the well into the well pump.  Wrap it in two thick layers. That is, wrap several pieces one on top of each other. This simple dressing especially in warmer regions will help to insulate the water well from freezing during those quick drops in temperature.
    •  At night before going to bed, leave the faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms dripping "warm" water. This will keep the hot and cold waterlines moving thus, preventing the main water supply from the well from freezing. 

    If your water well line becomes frozen please follow this link for detailed information on how to immediately fix / repair the pipe: "How To Prevent and Fix Frozen Water Pipes"

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me at or through our web site:
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    "Scott Binsack"